United Nations on Kashmir and Plebiscite – The Uncomfortable truth for Anti-Indian propangadists


OFBJP Australia – Victoria Chapter Head – Kushagra Bhatnagar throws light on what United Nations says about Kashmir, Pakistan and plebiscite in a radio interview with Arpita Bhatt.

In August 1947, India and Pakistan became independent. Under the scheme of partition provided by the Indian Independence Act of 1947, Kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan. The argument over which nation would incorporate the state led to the first India-Pakistan War in 1947–48 and ended with UN mediation. Ever since Pakistan has been blaming India for not fulfilling her promise made to conduct plebiscite. Is it really the truth? Or India has been victim of not just terrorism but also a vilification campaign across the border? The truth on plebiscite is uncomfortable for anti-Indian forces. Check it out!!

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