OFBJP strongly objects Australian brewery’s profanity against Hindu Deities



In the wake of the recent act of sacrilege committed by a NSW based brewery ‘Brookvale Union’, OFBJP Australia wishes to register its strong objection. This is not just an act of religious-insensitivity, it is an act of serious offensiveness against hundreds of thousands of Hindus calling Australia home.

The Northern Beaches based brewery ‘Brookvale Union’ juxtaposed pictures of the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha with the severed head of a Cow in one hand and fire burning out of the Lord Ganesha’s head. This is a deeply disturbing image for over a billion Hindus all around the world.

Such an act against the world’s third largest religion, which believes in universal acceptance and peace not only aggravates Hindus, but also a peace loving community of Australia.

The offensive product is widely marketed and also displayed on the company’s website – brookvaleunion.com.au

Further details are available on – www.ofbjp.org.au

OFBJP demands the Brookvale Union Management

  1. Immediately stop the use of such images
  2. Immediately recall all such offending products from the market
  3. Apologise to Australian society and the Hindu community worldwide
  4. Make sincere efforts to repair the damage caused by this sacrilegious act.

In absence of these positive measures, OFBJP Australia considers itself obliged to take the matter further to attain justice for the Hindu community.

OFBJP also urges the NSW Government and Australian Federal Government to take positive action to stop such sacrilegious and disrespectful acts. We respect freedom of expression for everyone. At the same time, religious harmony and mutual respect should also be given equal importance.


Balesh Singh Dhankhar
President, OFBJP Australia Inc

Press Release by OFBJP

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