OFBJP Australia Launched in Sydney and Melbourne amidst much fanfare

The Overseas Friends of BJP Australia was launched in Sydney and Melbourne on the weekend of 23 & 24 November amidst much fanfare today and with people joining with full enthusiasm. Termed as a ‘Soft Launch’ the response generated was anything but soft.


It created just the atmosphere of excitement among friends, participants and founding members that is customary with BJP supporters worldwide.

The BJP Leadership in India had already expressed their support and happiness for the launch, while the congratulatory tweet by Dr Subramaniam Swamy and a Congratulatory message from Sh. Vijay Jolly, Global Convenor of OFBJP, a few minutes prior to the event soared the sizzling enthusiasm of the attending members.

Mr Kushagra Bhatnagar Qld Coordinator and Mr Vijeth Shetty from OFBJP Victoria chapter reflected on the enthusiasm OFBJP is experiencing in people for coming General Election 2014 and their eagerness to join in the biggest festival of democracy in India.

The Sydney and Melbourne events were commenced by introductory talk by Mr Rahul Jethi, Chairman and Australia Convenor and a guiding force behind OFBJP Australia. Mr Jethi started by how the journey Of OFBJP started in Australia. There is a lot of support from people for BJP but has not been open to share the views on the common platform. All Australian Indians have lot of love for India and hence this platform.

He also stressed on the need of spreading the OFBJP in Australia through various channels and involve on various platforms including social Media. He articulated the need of the hour as being awareness about and participating in ‘Celebrating the biggest Democratic festival in the world’as general Elections 2014.

He introduced all the office bearers in Australia and their responsibilities and sought support for them from all quarters. He acknowledged and thanked for the support and Guidance from OFBJP cell in Delhi, certain Key figures in Sydney, Co-Convenor Sumeet Luthra, President Balesh Dhankhar and Vice President Pururaj Rathore and other office bearers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Mr Balesh Singh Dhankhar, President OFBJP Australia delivered a presentation regarding the mission and plans of OFBJP Australia. Apart from the short term  main objective of General Election 2014, He stressed on the need of improving relations between Australia and India on various layers including political, business-to-business, governmental agencies, cultural and most importantly people-to-people.

Mr Dhankhar expressed concerns about the lack of efficient policy making machinery for improving Australia-India relationship on all these layers. He assured that it’d be one of the main focus-point for OFBJP Australia in line with the outlook of Bhartiya Janata Party, which has stressed on this point at many instances.

He also elaborated in detail the objectives behind forming the organization and the direction he envisages OFBJP Australia treads on to strengthen BJP.

He focused on the participation of Overseas Indians by influencing the people they know back in India to vote for BJP. As BJP already enjoys strong support among NRIs and time has come for them to help BJP reach the magical 272+ figure in Parliament.

In this direction, OFBJP flagged their campaign ‘Jago Bharat Jago’ or ‘Wake Up India’. The campaign aims to raise awareness among Indian Citizens about the process of voting from overseas, and contribute towards their moral responsibility towards the nation by voting in General Election 2014.

Focusing on the importance of projecting the right and positive image of India and its people in Australia, Mr Dhankhar emphasized the dire need of correcting the media distortion in Australian.

Citing a recently made outrageous comment by former Australian cricketer Stuart McGill with reference to ShriNarendraModi, on Australia’s popular debate show ‘Q&A’, he emphasized on the damage such misinformation andwrong portrayal does for the image of India and its people.

The energy level in the hall elevated when the plans were presented for a major event going to be organized by OFBJP Australia in the first week of February. The event is expected to be attended by very senior BJP leaders, which could include Sh Rajnath Singh, President BJP, Sh Arun Jaitley Leader of Opposition Rajya Sabha, Dr Subramanian Swamy, Ex-Cabinet Minister and Sh Vijay Jolly Global OFBJP Convenor, Senior Australian political leader and key business figures are also expected to be part of this event.

Both the launch event in Sydney and Melbourne witnessed a vibrant participation from attendees by raising curious questions and contributing with number of valuable feedbacks and suggestions. In Sydney Mr Pururaj Rathore, Vice-President OFBJP Australia and in Melbourne Jaydeep Makwana, Coordinator Victoria Chapter eloquently elaborated on number of questions participant presented.

Overall the energy in the events was palpable and in days to come OFBJP Australia is expected to make more news and it can only be good news for all Indians.

OFBJP Australia Soft Launch in Sydney on 23rd November 2013

OFBJP Australia Soft Launch in Melbourne 24th November 2013 

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