OFBJP Australia gears up for new India under ‘Modi Sarkar’-BJP Government

During the last leg of General Elections 2014 in India, OFBJP Australia further boosted its campaign for BJP by organising a grand event in Melbourne aiming to converge the support from all sections of society. In the event OFBJP Australia chalked its vision for ‘beyond General Election 2014’ sending a thrill and zeal among the youth to work for better India under coming BJP Government.


Themed as ‘All Hands Meet’, the event was a great success and attracted a large number of Indian youth as most participants were under 40 years of age. The change in society’s perception towards politics was so visible by the fact that more than half of participants were women, who participated in the dialogue with full enthusiasm.

Balesh Dhankhar, President, OFBJP Australia, who chaired the event, termed the winning of BJP in General Election 2014 as only a beginning rather than the end of the mission that all BJP supporters are working for. “The journey only starts after BJP forms the government and each of us have to play our role for nav nirman of Bharat (new building of India),” he said. “Modi is not a person anymore, its a phenomenon now, and we all have to play our own role of Modi for the nation now, we need 1000s of Modi for Bhrata now,” he added.

Rahul Jethi, Convener, OFBJP Australia, in a message sent to Victorian chapter, emphasized on the need of active participation in the democratic system, ‘during and after the election’. “These elections are biggest festival of democracy in the world and each of us has the responsibility to do our bit for the values our nation stands on,” he conveyed.

Number of delegates and guests had joined the event from various cities of Australia, New Zealand, and even Fiji. Few BJP supporters from India that were visiting Melbourne had also joined in.

In its continuous strive to increase participation by women, OFBJP Australia also launched  a ‘Women Cell’ in Melbourne.  In the event Dr Anjali Tikoo, a renowned community leader and president of Kashmiri Pandit Association, was announced as the Head of Women Cell for Victorian chapter. Dr Tikoo devotes her time working for women issues in Australia and also known for her dedicated work for Kashmiri Pandit community here.


OFBJP Australia envisions a strong relation with other communities in Australia, particularly with the communities of natural alliance like Fiji Indians. One step in this direction was to form a India-Fiji Alliance Committee. Ms Priyanka Sharma, a youth leader, was welcomed as coordinator of this committee for Victorian chapter during this event.

Mr Jay Shah, Public Relations Officer, OFBJP Victoria Chapter, who had travelled to India especially to vote for BJP literally made an appearance straight to the event out of airport. He shared, with immense joy, his wonderful experience of ‘Modi Wave’ sweeping whole of India. Mr Shah also explained how the amazing arrangements BJP has made to assist voters and voters great response to that.

The event was beautifully coordinated by Ms Rashi Kapoor, who holds the title of Miss India Melbourne 2013. To make it a complete family event, a number of children activities were also organised including a painting competition, which was participated with full enthusiasm by a large number of young children.

It was a successful and engaging event, which not only outlines OFBJP Australia’s long term objectives but also gave a new direction for future activities of OFBJP. It is interesting to see how OFBJP Australia placed itself to play an important role in communities across most cities in Australia, which will only grow after General Elections are over in India and in time to come.

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