OFBJP Australia condemns the dropping of hate speech charges on Adelaide Sheikh Sharif Hussein

OFBJP Australia has learned that the very serious charges of hate speech applied on Sheikh Sharif Hussein were recently dropped.

We take this matter as a very serious threat to not only the peaceful co-existence of all communities in Australia, but also to the very fabric of multiculturalism in Australia.

Mr Hussein’s hate speech is in public domain and all communities, specially Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are very disturbed and unsettled because of such venomous sermon delivered by him.


In his speech he is openly calling to kill people of Hindus and Buddhist community and making heinous remarks about Jews community.

Another very disturbing fact is that the cleric is calling Australian soldiers as “crusader pigs,” which is utterly shameful and unacceptable attitude towards country’s respectable armed forces.

I would like to very strongly condemn the dropping of charges into this matter and urge the law enforcement agencies and South Australian leader of community to take strong stand against Mr Hussein.

We all must strive to protect the peace and harmony of Australia and such mindset has no place in Australian society.


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