OFBJP Australia Celebrates the BJP’s grand win in four cities across Australia

To celebrate the historic victory of BJP and incoming Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in Indian General Election 2014, the Overseas Friends of the BJP Australia organized grand ceremonies on Friday 16 May in Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.


The ceremony aptly named as ‘Vijay Diwas’ or Victory Day as BJP achieved a phenomenal victory under the leadership of Mr Narendra Modi, something which was never seen

It was a day of extreme joy, pride and happiness for not only the Indian diaspora at large but also for all those wishing well for India as a nation, and the monumental BJP victory under the leadership of Mr Narendra Modi was celebrated by OFBJP Australia members and supporters with a huge fervor.

Over 500 enthusiastic OFBJP Australia members & supporters participated in the celebrations across the four cities, where the environment was charged with great news of winning number each minutes.

The election results started to trend post noon and soon the anticipation of the gathered crowd turned into jubilation once it became evident that the BJP crossed the magical number of 272 and won unimaginable 283 seats. National Democratic Alliance (NDA), collation lead by BJP secured 337 seats out of 543 seats of parliament.

True to the Indian tradition, “Ladoos” (Indian sweets) were distributed as auspicious symbol of sharing happiness and the excited supporters danced to the “Bhangra”, the traditional Indian dance of excitement, tunes of the popular India drum called “dhol”.

Number of Senior BJP leaders from India thanked & congratulated the OFBJP Australia team via video and audio conferencing, for their support efforts throughout the election campaign. Ina a video message Gen VK Singh said, OFBJP Australia and NRIs played an important role in promulgating and promoting the cause of every Indian in Australia & overseas.

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