Is Kushagra Bhatnagar, a sincere community leader targeted by Breaking India forces?

Working for community is a great challenge and simultaneously soul satisfying experience. The goal of any social-political organisation should be to do positive work for the community, OFBJP Australia’s policy is to focus only on positive work for Indian-Australian community, and ignore negative bias.   However, when a sincere and dedicated OFBJP karyakarta like Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar is unfairly targeted by mischief mongers filled with malaise, OFBJP Australia take the opportunity of explaining the details for the benefit of public and for upholding our Karyakarta’s reputation.


For some time now, there has been a sustained malicious campaign spread against OFBJP Australia’s Member of Political Advisor Group –  Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar, by some disgruntled elements and Breaking India forces within Australia.   This lot has repeatedly made utterings at various platforms of him being removed from the position of Victoria Chapter Head on grounds of him filing bankruptcy.  Shri Balesh Singh, National President, OFBJP Australia, unequivocally rejects and condemns these mischievous utterings,   which he sees a systematic attempt to tarnish Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar’s well-earned reputation.


The National President categorically states Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar was invited for a strategic participation on national level for his excellent work ever since he joined OFBJP Australia.   Speaking on the subject, Shri Balesh Singh, says,” Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar has given his blood and sweat for community welfare. If any community member in distress rings him at 2 am in night, he puts in every effort and available resource at his disposal to help and solve the problem for the distressed community member.


Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar has shaped careers and lives of several Indian students. He has taught them complex engineering and mathematics subjects, prepared them for job interviews, helped with assignments, course work and for exams. He does all this free of charge. Several times Kushagra Bhatnagar has helped students in financial duress by paying their fees from his own pocket. One must not forget the fact that fee for international students is very expensive.


When some students were treated unfairly by some educational institutions, he wrote and presented their cases, accompanied them and argued personally on students’ behalf with the higher authorities. He has a track record of 100% successful outcomes in favour of his students for all his cases. A lawyer in Australia would charge thousands of dollar for this work but for the benefit of students Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar does not charge a single cent from them.


With regards to his work with OFBJP Australia, Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar has been instrumental in establishing Queensland Chapter and then restructuring Victoria Chapter. He faced numerous challenges in Victoria, yet he along with Shri Jay Shah built a new team and now we have a vibrant Victoria Chapter.”


Further, the National President, Shri Balesh Singh says that Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar’s work and commitment for community and with OFBJP Australia has been exemplary and even been acknowledged by BJP Headquarters in New Delhi, India.



OFBJP Australia has some strategic plans to expand further and would require inputs from experienced personnel to help the National Body in formulating its strategies. Therefore, OFBJP Australia invited Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar to be Member of Political Advisor Group. OFBJP Australia is delighted and thanks him for accepting the invitation.


According to Shri Jay Shah, present Victoria Chapter Head says , “ Earlier Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar as Victoria Chapter Head was involved in managing Victoria team, now he will be involved in strategic thinking for not just one state but also at national level. Anyone with basic level of intelligence could figure out whether his invitation to join National Body is a demotion or promotion.”


Further one ponders, during Kushagra Bhatnagar’s tenure as Victoria Chapter Head following things happened:

  1. Is it a mere coincidence that vilification campaign against Kushara Bhatnagar by some individuals started right after he participated in a peaceful protest by Baloch students against Pakistani establishment’s violation of human rights in Balochistan?


  1. Is it a coincidence that the same set of forces increased their viciousness in tarnishing Kushagra Bhatnagar’s reputation after he organised personally led OFBJP’s public demonstration in Melbourne, to raise awareness among Australian public and lawmakers on the issue of Pakistan’s sponsored terrorism against India?


  1. Is it a coincidence that an organised mud slinging in a certain section of media happened on Kushagra Bhatnagar after OFBJP Australia organised video conference with Mr. Tareq Fateh?


  1. Is it a coincidence that protestors were sent to the venue when team Victoria had organised video conference with Major Gaurav Arya to educated Indian diaspora in Australia on Pakistan false propaganda about Indian armed forces on Kashmir? Is it a coincidence that a vicious social media campaign targeting Kushagra Bhatnagar started doing rounds after the event.


  1. Is it a coincidence that another foul news story on Kushagra Bhatnagar emerged and starting doing rounds after he gave a radio interview, where he explained United Nation’s Section 48A in threadbare detail, which says Kashmir’s accession to India is perfectly legal and binding and how United Nation has given mandate to mobilise India’s armed forces in Kashmir to counter Pakistan sponsored terrorism.  And then one by one, reading out from Resolution 48A, Kushagra Bhatnagar tore into Pakistan’s lies on its own illegal possession of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and illegitimate demand for plebiscite in Kashmir.


Are there too many coincidences here or one wonders could there be Pakistani forces at play here?   National President, Shri Balesh Singh aptly analysis the situation and says, “The nature of work of OFBJP, especially intellectually challenging Pakistan on the issues of terrorism and human rights violation in Balochistan, such as by conducting the first ever video conference with Mr. Tareq Fateh, has raised the bar for international geo-political discourse to a new level. It is not an easy thing and it shows the intellectual courage of OFBJP members alike  to take on the elephant in the room which no one wants to discuss.


Would anyone be surprised if Pakistani establishment and Breaking India forces in Australia detest the emerging force of patriotic Indians for challenging them on Kashmir and Balochistan? Could it be that they know they can’t win intellectually from supremely gifted and debaters of OFBJP so they must go offensive on character assassination by twisting facts?


Therefore, could it be that Pakistani establishment are in bed with Breaking India forces and targeting OFBJP members especially Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar for his active participation in challenging Pakistan’s agenda?


Are these mud slinging tactic are indicators of level of vulgarity, puppets of Pakistani establishment will resort to,  in the future, and plant more attacks on true patriots like Shri Kushagra Bhatnagar?


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