India’s unburdened youth can do it for BJP

OFBJP Bureau: So after exhaustive analysis of political experts, number crunching of exit polls by various agencies, came in the telling conclusion: The BJP is well and truly on its way to wrest power from Congress in Delhi and Rajasthan and retain governments Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The expected verdict is backed by the record break voter turn-out, with participation of youth voters riding on the BJP wave of development under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Going by the exit polls figures, the BJP wave is surging and sweeping across the country. While, the political opponents of BJP have rubbished the reflections of exit polls, the truth of the matter is that in recent times the exit polls have exhibited high degree of accuracy. The exit polls hits the bull’s eye in 2012 Gujarat elections, with almost all the surveys had earmarked figure of 110-120 seats for BJP in the state assembly. The BJP won 115 seats.  The markets have sniffed the mood of the country and agree with exit polls. They have responded to prospects of market friendly BJP government and have rallied in recent times.



The voter turnout in the four states has been phenomenal: Chattisgarh – 77%, Madhya Pradesh – 72.52%, Rajasthan – 75%[1], Mizoram – 82% and Delhi – 66%[2]. Increased voter turnout has conventionally proven voters’ endorsement of mandate for BJP. With 72% voter turnout, Madhya Pradesh has broken all the previous record for voter turnout in its history. [3]The next best turn out for Madhya Pradesh was 69% in 2008. In Gujarat last year the turnout was the highest ever in the state’s history – 71%.[4] Shattering all the previous records, the high voter turnout paved the way for BJP retaining power in both the states. While the non-performance of Congress government in Rajasthan and Delhi has left the voters frustrated and hence venting out their anger by coming out in large number to vote for BJP, the excellent governance provided by the BJP governments in Chattisgarh  and Madhya Pradesh has reaffirmed the voter’s confidence in BJP.

What is telling is the participation of young voters in the electoral process. The highlight of the assembly elections is that the youth have made their votes count. These are imminent signs that no political party can afford to ignore. The high turnout especially of youth busts the myth that youth is indifferent to India’s politics. They are disappointed, angry and despondent with Congress rule but are getting rejuvenated by the ray of hope for a better future provided under the esteemed leadership of Narendra Modi.



India’s youth have demonstrated that they judge government on merit and not dynasty. While Congress leaves no opportunity to unwarranted lecture BJP on welfare of minority, what is going to hit them hard is that India’s largest minority is the 160 million first time voters[1] between the age group 18-23, have posed their faith in BJP and want Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister.[2]  This first time voters group is going to be a decisive force in the 16th Lok Sabha election next year. By casting their vote for BJP in the assembly elections, the youth have sent a clear and unequivocal message – the nation is preparing to embrace Narendra Modi led BJP government.



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