Indian Link attacks India & its Govt. with support for anti-national elements

Indian Link yet again trivialises the sensitivity of Indian security by suggesting that opposition to anti-national rhetoric, calling for death and destruction of the nation, scorn for fallen soldiers and idolising terrorist and militants are the pillars of a democracy and freedom of expression.

The left-oriented academia of Jawaharlal Nehru University have been actively promoting and propagating divisive politics aimed at the balkanization of India supported by Marxism- leftist parties like the All India Students Association (AISA), Democratic Students Union (DSU) and All India Students Federation (AISF). They have been fuelling the fire of divisive religious identity and caste-based politics in an unabashed manner. They openly embrace the communal agenda of narrow self-interested parties and align with regional outfits to espouse their cause.

This is the same team that celebrated murder of 76 CRPF Jawans in 2010 and celeberated the killers. The organizing of a pro-Afzal Guru rally in the Jawaharlal Nehru University on 9 February 2016 was a logical consequence of the tightening grip of Marxists and ultra-Islamic aides embedded in this educational institution.  The article trivialises the seditious slogans lauding ‘Bharat Ki Barbadi’, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Nara-e-Takbeer Allah-hu Akbar’ which were raised, for which Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested. (

To understand Indian Links stand in Australian context is like suggesting that sympathisers of Man Monis, the Lindt Café terrorist be given a free hand demonising police and martyring him under the guise of freedom of expression.

It is no wonder that faculty of saner and premier institutions like IIT Madras have expressed concerns on institutions of higher learning being converted into “war zones”, saying that calling for the country’s “dismemberment and ruin” in the name of dissent is not acceptable.

Indian Link should probably be aware that freedom of expression is sensitive to nations whilst defending their war heroes like the SBS sacking McIntyre, a soccer reporter and presenter who  referred to some Australians marking Anzac Day as “poorly-read, largely white, nationalist drinkers and gamblers” on his officially verified Twitter account. It is strange to see there have been no stand on this by Indian Link or proponents of free speech. One would think charity begins at home, obviously what is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Is this the same Indian Link which in their “URGENT MEDIA RELEASE 2009” at the height of problems facing Indian students in Australia asking media to “stop this reporting frenzy. Mediawallahs, cool it, please!” washed its hands off the problem lest it jeopardises its lucrative Australian and State Government media sponsorships and advertisements?

By these standards it will be frightening to see Indian Link rally behind supporters of say Osama Bin Laden or Farhad Jabar or Monis under guise of free speech. Considering the opportunistic standards of Indian link, one is sure this wouldn’t be the case.

Indian Link has to clarify its stand on which side its passions lay in, does it call for destruction of state in the guise of free speech, does it support the likes of Osama Bin Laden, Man Monis, Farhad Jabar or does it support the police and army men who brave their lives to ensure that India Link is able to discuss about freedom of expression?

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