Here’s proof Digvijay refused help to quell Gujarat riot

By Kartikeya Tanna on October 25, 2013

Digvijay is a brazen liar

2002 riots and Digvijay Singh’s lies

A few days ago, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh had tweeted that when he was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in 2002, no request for sending troops to quell 2002 riots came from Gujarat.

Digvijay is a brazen liar

Within minutes, his lie was busted with documents that proved otherwise. These documents have been assembled on Madhu Kishwar’s website Manushi and can be accessed here.

Firstly, the letter that K Nityanandam, the then Home Secretary, wrote to the Madhya Pradesh chief secretary and the DGP, Bhopal on March 1, 2002 requesting additional troops. Note the letter No. (SB.V/ISS/102002/173).

Digvijay is a brazen liar

Some eNREGA foot soldiers questioned the authenticity saying that this letter is not signed or stamped. At first stance, it seems a plausible doubt. However, anyone with little knowledge of the Government filing system would know that extra unsigned copies of letters are usually kept in the departmental files with the letter number for identification.

In any event, this bogey can easily be addressed by the reply dated March 13, 2002 (a full 13 days later) from the Madhya Pradesh Government secretary to Nityanandam which bears reference to Nityanandam’s earlier letter requesting troops.

Digvijay is a brazen liar

What’s strange is that, at an India Today Conclave, Modi even confronted Digvijay Singh on MP’s refusal to send police force. At that time, Singh did not have the gumption to contradict Modi. Yet, in response to a tweeter, he had spoken a blatant lie. See this video from 3:00 onwards.

Now, if Singh says that he is not responsible for the files signed by his officers in his own Government, that’s another thing. It won’t be surprising to the country anymore given how Congress defends the Prime Minister in the Coalgate allocations using the same lousy excuse.

What needs to be underscored here is the assistance and help by the BJP Governments in times of crisis and Congress’s selfishness and narrow-mindedness. In every disaster that plagues any part of the nation, Modi is always at the forefront asking his teams in Gujarat to be ready for any assistance required. It does not matter if the States which require assistance have a non-BJP Government at the helm.

This spirit of help and selflessness owes itself to the culture that is imparted to these BJP stalwarts in the RSS. And, on the other hand, we have Digvijay Singh who, despite the existence of these letters on Government files and despite Modi’s jibe at him at the India Today Conclave, lies that he never received such a request.

It is about time that the electorate of India sees through this deception by the highest level office bearers in Congress.


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