Dr Swamy sees OFBJP Australia as key link between Indian and Australia

Dr Subramanian Swamy, senior BJP leader and head of Strategic Action Committee for General Elections 2014 expressed his pleasure for the contribution of OFBJP Australia in the current General Election where BJP is heading towards a smashing victory. He thanked in particular Balesh Dhankhar, President OFBJP Australia and Rahul Jethi, Convener OFBJP Australia for strategizing and appropriately allocating the tasks to the team.

He was confident that NRIs will receive a special attention under BJP government and long neglected India-Australia relations will be improved. He called for a mutual cooperation to improve the facilities for NRIs and gave a big responsibility to Indian diaspora of becoming an arm of Indian culture in Australia.
Surely his message will boost the morale of the OFBJP Australia team to work even more enthusiastically for the cause of Bharat Nirman.

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