BJP’s historic Assam win calls for Chai Pe Charcha by OFBJP Australia

Melbournians celebrated BJP’s historic win of Assam’s state election in signature style event of Chai Pe Charcha (CPC) organised by OFBJP Australia’s Victoria chapter.

With less than 24 hours OFBJP Australia’s Victoria chapter organised CPC on Sunday 22nd May, in the Western suburb of Melbourne. A terrific response was observed with an wide range of people coming from different regions of India including Gujarat to Assam and Punjab to Tamil Nadu, etc.

Some of the salient features of CPC were:

  • A gentleman delivered a presentation on a website he had created to promote positive news about India. Mainstream Indian media has consistently portrayed India in a poor light especially BJP gov. For example, He cited that 14 Indian states currently have zero population growth rate. It is revelation which hardly finds mention within main stream channel.


  • President of Victorian Association of Assamese people attended CPC. Though he attended the event in personal capacity, he turned out to be staunch BJP supporter. He said he had been wishing for long for BJP to form government in Assam and finally his wish came true.
  • There was a contingent of Punjabi community and OFBJP discovered second generation Sangh Swayamsevak from Punjab. He articulated his thoughts on areas BJP must focus in Punjab for the forthcoming state elections.
  • To spice up the matter there was an AAP supporter who attended the event. OFBJP gave him ample opportunity to engage with BJP supporters who provided solid and logical rebuttal on AAP policies until he was exhausted with his arguments.



An underlying political restless among Indian diaspora in Melbourne with ideas waiting to churn out.

The Victoria Chapter has announced a monthly CPC at different location in Melbourne. Some really intelligent minds in Melbourne have taken it upon themselves to make Indian population in Melbourne politically relevant for BJP.



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