OFBJP Australia invites everyone to join NaMo 4 PM Phone Campaign


As India returns to its morals, phonies restore to Modi-bashing

 I read your recent article –India crosses the moral line of no return if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister which compelled me to give you a reply which ensures you do a better homework next time Mr Richard. In your article you quoted an incident the (facts for which cannot be verified) that occurred in […]

Sydneysiders interact with Sh Narendra Modi on Chai Pe Charcha facilitated by OFBJP Australia

OFBJP Australia participated from Sydney in Chai Pe Charcha programme on 8th March 2014. Chai pe Charcha, a simple idea to communicate with a handful of people, when laced with technology, has invoked huge pan India participation and Indians overseas with Shri Narendra Modi via web conference in real time. Saturday’s Chai Pe Charcha was […]

OFBJP Australia invites Sydneysiders for Live interaction with Modi ji on CPC

After a successful round of ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide OFBJP Australia now takes it to next level. We invite everyone to participate in a series of CPC with LIVE interaction with Sh Narendra Modi. First in series would be on 8th March in Sydney, which coincides with International Women’s Day, […]

OFBJP Australia achieves great turnout for ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ across four cities

23 Feb 2014: OFBJP Australia achieved a great turnout for its Sunday’s unique event ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ (Discussion at Tea), which was simultaneously organised in four cities across Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. After a series of successful events in many cities in Australia, OFBJP Australia undertook this event with main aim of raising […]

How would Congress stop Narendra Modi?

Beginning a post with that question suggests there is now going to be some kind of an answer. Well, there won’t be one here. It’s hard to eat your own words when you’re already choking on humble pie. Having been force-fed a steady diet of both over these last few weeks, Congress must dispense with […]

Indian Sun: The Congress Govt. is not in touch with NRIs in Australia, says OFBJP Australia

India calling NRIs to participate in the biggest festival of democracy – General Elections

All the NRIs who were always in a dilemma to know if they can vote or not, here is the answer. Yes NRIs can now vote in the election.For all those wondering in Foreign lands if they can vote in the biggest festival of the largest democracy, here is the chance to grab it. It […]

OFBJP Australia invites you on Chai Pe Charcha (Discussion on Tea)

  For any further info please email: info@ofbjp.org.au We’d love to join you at the discussion…    

Now, it’s a battle of perception in Jammu Kashmir

by Vivek Sinha It was a cold and foggy winter night of January and he stood guard at the barricades near India’s Parliament in Delhi. His mandate was clear and simple: Provide security to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who was sitting on a dharna demanding dismissal of a few personnel in the Delhi Police. Yes, […]
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