OFBJP Australia – Melbourne Invites to Meet & Greet with Hon. Ted Baillieu

OFBJP Australia – Melbourne invites you to… “Meet & Greet’ Event with Hon. Ted Baillieu ‘New India, a New Beginning’, a OFBJP Australia’s initiative   Also a great opportunity to network with OFBJP Australia leaders representing Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the National Chair. Please reach 11:30 to start at 12:00 Saturday, 28th June […]

A sense of destiny for Telangana in curtain raiser

The dream has turned into reality, aspirations have been realised, and pride has been restored – the dream for Telangana has come to a reality. The longest struggle for creation of separate state in the history of India has come to halt.   A prolonged struggle since 1956 is over. The revolution, like a roller […]

OFBJP Australia witnesses history when Narendra Modi takes oath

There comes a moment in history when the time stops. It indeed came to halt for the 1.3 billion Indians and hundreds of millions around the world as Shri Narendra Modi took oath of Prime Minister of India on the afternoon of 26th May 2014 at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. As the entire country, global […]

Narendra Modi would continue to pursue the development agenda

In a discussion at Ethnic Indian radio 98.1  4EV in Brisbane, OFBJP Australia assures that Narendra Modi would continue to pursue the path of development.

OFBJP Australia swears by paving a way for change

OFBJP Australia Celebrates the BJP’s grand win in four cities across Australia

To celebrate the historic victory of BJP and incoming Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in Indian General Election 2014, the Overseas Friends of the BJP Australia organized grand ceremonies on Friday 16 May in Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. The ceremony aptly named as ‘Vijay Diwas’ or Victory Day as BJP achieved […]

Revisiting Chai Pe Charcha in Brisbane

Ever since Election Commission in India imposed a restriction on Narendra Modi’s Chai Pe Charcha in India, morning tea hasn’t been exactly thrilling for most Indians. So OFBJP Australia decided to inject what has been missing off lately and revive the temporary lull in one of the favourite leisurely indulgances with constructive discourse for Indians […]

The OFBJP Australia journey continues…

The leaders of  Bhartiya Janta Party are known for affability and approachability. But this is election time. As India is in middle of the historic election phase, the heat of fierce political battles and all so consuming campaigning schedule of BJP leaders  would have ordinarily meant non availability for an audience. One would not have […]

OFBJP Australia condemns the dropping of hate speech charges on Adelaide Sheikh Sharif Hussein

OFBJP Australia has learned that the very serious charges of hate speech applied on Sheikh Sharif Hussein were recently dropped. We take this matter as a very serious threat to not only the peaceful co-existence of all communities in Australia, but also to the very fabric of multiculturalism in Australia. Mr Hussein’s hate speech is […]

NGA should return stolen statue and fix the dent in community faith

The OFBJP condemns insensitivity of National Gallery of Arts (NGA) Australia towards handling the issue of allegedly stolen 900-year-old statue of ‘Dancing Shiva’ and its reluctance on the option of returning the statue to its rightful owners back in India. In recent enquiry, it is found out that the Nataraj, ‘Dancing Shiva’ statue of religious […]
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