Australian Hindus deeply offended by Brisbane Film Festival for showing sacrilegious film Sexy Durga

Hindu community of Australia is deeply offended by Brisbane Film Festival for showing an anti-Hinduism and highly sacrilegious movie “Sexy Durga”
President of Hindu Council of Australia Prof Nihal Agar, AM, in a statement in Sydney today, described it as a highly inappropriate portrayal of much revered Hindu goddess Durga and urged public apologies from all those responsible for it, including the organisers of Brisbane Film Festival, and the short film director J Bipin Joseph.
Prof Agar added that Hinduism is the oldest and third largest religion of the world, and it one of the fastest growing in Australia. 
“This seems to be a meditated effort on part of film direct Mr Joseph, who is deliberately trying to paint a false and offensive image of Hinduism”, said Balesh Singh Dhankhar, President OFBJP Australia. Hindu community is most peaceful and contributes to Australian society positively in a very high degree, this seems to be an effort to create a tension in such multi-cultural society of ours by some agenda driven people, he further added.
In the multi-faith society of Australia, such a sacrilegious films against any religion have no place and we would be equally hurt if this movie was made on a sacred figure of any other religion, then why Hinduism is so often targetted, Mr Singh questioned. We demand that Brisbane Film Festival withdraw this film from the festival immediately and extends an unconditional apology to larger Australian society. Mr Singh Added.
Here is the trailer of film “Sexy Durga”
WARNING: The content of this film can be highly offensive to viewers, and we condemn this agenda-driven film by director J Joseph. 

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