As India returns to its morals, phonies restore to Modi-bashing

 I read your recent article –India crosses the moral line of no return if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister which compelled me to give you a reply which ensures you do a better homework next time Mr Richard.


In your article you quoted an incident the (facts for which cannot be verified) that occurred in 2012. What on earth has made you write an article on that after 1.5 years? A lot of incidents did happen after that. The biggest one, in this respect being the Supreme Court decision which states that Narendra Modi was not at all involved in the riots. If you still doubt over his involvement in riots, that is what I call crossing the Moral line and disrespecting Supreme court of world’s largest democracy.

Please don’t try  to to disguise your assumptions as facts.

I would like to remind you a few facts that you may have missed “accidentally”.

1.  Supreme Court has given a clean chit to Modi, so no room for a slightest doubt on his involvement in riots.

2. There was a terrorist attack in which a train with innocent people was burnt and the intention of that attack was to create terror and violence everywhere.However the government made constant appeals and efforts to curb the violence. Army was called immediately after the neighbouring state governments denied help and support.

3. No ethnicity has been cleansed, rather all the ethnicities have prospered. It is evident by heavy support by Muslim voters in last assembly elections in Gujrat.

4. India is not desperate for economic growth , but this India is not ignorant as it used to be to spare the government who has failed to deliver and has been full of scams. This is India that debates on facts and chooses on performance. India has recognized its potential and sleeping Giant is now waking up so I can understand what you are scared of!

5. Please for God sake stop the Hitler comparison now. Here is a man who has been elected three times in a row by his state and by people of all religion. He is not an autocrat.Please elaborate on what are the similarities?

6. What is the relation between starving and choosing your leader? People of India do not select just anyone because they are not starving. They will choose some one who will deliver and bring India the pride she deserves. Organizations like World Bank and United Nations have awarded his government several times. Is any of these organisation starving?

7. I don’t know what Modi has learnt or not but you please learn to respect the fact that there has been no violence since last 12 years, people are living peacefully and let them live that way.

I empathetic to the fact that it is hard to drive traffic to your blogs these days and easiest way is to choose a controversial topic. Many have used Mr Modi’s name for this and even you can do so. But please be aware that Indians are wise enough to analyse and choose their own leaders.This will soon be seen in the coming elections. So please wait and watch!

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