Anti-Hindu Ad by MLA banned after continuous pursuit by HCA & OFBJP Australia

After a tireless campaign on social media, a nationwide protest across 5 cities of Australia and following the legal pursuit, finally Australian-Hindus see the justice as Australian Advertising Standards Board (ASB) gave the decision to ban the highly offensive advertisement by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) over the controversial depiction of Lord Ganesha in it.

Hindu Council of Australia first brought the issue to the light and led the campaign along with a number of other community organisations and individuals including India Forum Australia. “The Hindu community showed a great unity on this matter and we continued our fight on all platforms be it street protest, legal pursuit or online campaign; and I am happy that finally, Australian-Hindu community proved that their point was right,” said Sai Pravastu from India Forum Australia who led a massive nationwide protest against the offensive ad campaign. 

We would also like to extend a special thanks to our team member Sh Jay Shah who brainstormed the points and created a very strong submission for the Independent Review. It was this submission which convinced the Independent Reviewers to accept the request for review submission to ASB.

Response from ASB after decision in favour of review application by OFBJP Australia

Response from ASB after decision in favour of review application by OFBJP Australia

We would also like to thank Sh Karthik Arasu, an active community leader who also played an active role in the submission of the Independent Review process. Such community leaders are an example of integrity and dedication who focus on work instead of quaky claims by some spin doctors.

The unity, persistence for truth, spirit to fight for what is right against all odds, determination and sincere efforts are the factors that gave us this victory.

We would like thank again all the listed state and federal ministers, MPs and Senators who stood with Australian-Hindu community and supported us by numerous motions they presented in respective parliaments and numerous agitation letters they wrote to MLA on this issue.  

Hon. Michael Sukkar MP, Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, Australia
Hon. Zed Seselja MP, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs, Australia
Hon. Julian Leeser Federal MP, Chair Parliamentary Friends of India
Hon. Michelle Rowland MP, Shadow Minister for Communications, Australia
Hon. Robin Scott MP, Minister for Finance & Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Victoria
Hon. Tim Pallas MP, Treasurer of Victoria
Hon. Inga Peulich MP, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs Victoria
Hon. David Feeney MP
Hon. Peter Khalil MP
Hon. Ray Williams MP, Minister for Multiculturalism NSW
Hon. Luke Foley MP, Leader of the Opposition in New South Wales
Hon. Jodi Mckay MP

We would also like to thank all the community leaders who showed courage and followed their duty to fight on this issue. The wider Australian community and different faith groups also showed an overwhelming support to Australian-Hindus in this fight. We thanks them all from.

As Dharma says, The Truth Always Wins – Satyameva Jayate!

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