Another Corporate brings scourge to Hindus

So it is not going to cease. It is not going to be addressed. It is not going to be heard. It is not going to be acted upon. It is becoming a joke which is no longer funny. Of all the major religions today, none is mocked so outlandishly than Hinduism. But it will unscrupulously prevail and the Hindus must swallow the bitter pill


Beer bottles, toilet seats, lingerie, foot wear, socks. What could these things have in common? None comes to your mind immediately. Here is what you could do to find out – Google the term Hindu Gods + pick any of these items and you will find the answer – The makers and sellers of these articles are free to mock Hindu Gods by printing their images on them.  Now, one more could be added to the ignominious list which Hindus are expected to endure – Amazon has put trousers with images of Lord Ganesha for sale on its portal.


Lord Ganesha - Trousers


Time and again, with unwavering regularity business houses launch products carrying sardonic images of Hindu Gods in different parts of globe. While, there is no hope with countries where theocracy rules supreme, it’s the lack of sensitivity by the operators in countries considered epitome of fairness – the Western countries, which has frequently caused unmeasurable pain to Hindus.


Of course, Hindus will be lectured on freedom of expression, being more tolerant and stop being too touchy. And, it shall continue with no respite for Hindus appears in sight.


And indeed the business houses wouldn’t dare to mess when it comes to some of the monolithic religions, for if religious sentiments of the followers are hurt you are well aware of the consequences. You are nervous of them; you think twice prior to committing anything involving their religions and would dutifully seek their prior approval. Moreover, with a slight hint of their dissidence you would bow down in no time and pander them to the hilt. The reason – You know they are going to come hard at you with maximum force. Sometimes even the threat of violence looms and it struck fear in your hearts. Boycott of products would follow and so would they have to cop bad press.  You coy down, never mind commitment to freedom of expression are damned for it is replaced by the new found embracement of secularism in no time.


Come to Hindus, the corporations would not hesitate to taunt Hindus if it helps them unleash profits. In fact it’s not even a consideration. You know all too well that no political imbroglio would follow. Neither your indiscretion would hurt you where it hurts the most – the bottom line. You are assured of business as usual. No loss of goodwill is expected. In fact you are encouraged to take chances with Hindus and gauge how far you could get away with it, which almost every time you would.


Discontent is brewing in the minds of Hindus against the ruthless manner their religion is being exploited by commercial organisations. They have been silent sufferers of this ordeal. The question is how far the corporations are going to push Hindus before there is a retaliation of some form by Hindus.


Here is the roadmap – Amazon has plans to expand its foot prints in India. Its business is currently handicapped by the Indian law which bars them from making direct sales in Indian Territory. Currently they operate in a third party arrangement to make sales to India. Amazon’s request to overhaul this law is presently under review by the Indian government.[1] So, a window of opportunity exists for Indian Government to apply pressure on Amazon to apologise for the current indiscretion and immediately remove the trouser with offensive pictures from sale. In addition to that Amazon could be asked to pay penalty of a significant sum if at all its plea is accepted. This would set precedence of the future for multinationals for doing business in India – Hindus’ sentiments ought to be respected else it would hurt your pocket.  This might be the most successful strategy to counter the disdain with which Hindu religion is exploited by the corporations. After all, corporations don’t like to lose money under any circumstances.


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