The main objectives of the organization formulated which are outlined as follows:

  • To work towards projecting a positive and correct image of India and its people in theĀ Australian and foreign media, and correct any distortions in the media’s reporting of current events taking place in India.
  • To promote the philosophy of ‘Integral Humanism’.
  • To foster a cordial relationship between Indian and Australian People, by establishing direct communication channels with local ethnic and national media, and organizing regular seminars on topics of mutual interest.
  • To work towards strengthening social bonds among Australian Indians , irrespective of region, religion, race, creed and color, and help to generate a feeling of oneness and brotherhood.
  • To create a think tank of mature, experienced and intelligent individuals of Indian origin in order to utilize their expertise and wisdom to generate new ideas which could be beneficial for theĀ  Indian community in Australia and the people of India.
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